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Routed & Engraved Signs

Choosing the correct type of signage for your business should take some time and effort. The sign you decide to display will most likely be around for a long time! One of the many types of signs we work with here at Electric Signs Co. are known as routed and engraved signs.

There are a few different types of materials routed and engraved signs can be made from. Routed signs are carved from wood, PVC, corian, or color core. Engraved signs are created using an engraver or a laser with intricate detail. Engraved signs are typically made from rowmark, aluminum, acrylic, & more! Each material comes with a different cost and durability. The team here at Electric Signs Co. is here to work with you through the entire sign process to make sure the sign you end up with matches what you have in mind.

Routed signs are created when we cut away letters or logos from a specific sign material, leaving the space blank. An acrylic layer is then pushed through the face of the sign. This process creates a “push thru sign” and is one of the most common types of a routed sign. If you are looking for multiple of the same sign, such as bathroom signage, routed and engraved signs make a great option.

Once you decide on the design of your routed or engraved sign, you can then work with our team on deciding if you would like any lights or illumination added. We can create an illuminated effect by adding light to the inside of the sign. This is one way to really get your business name noticed, despite the time of day.

Electric Signs Co. is in California and has the experience and equipment it takes to design, manufacture, and install a routed and engraved sign for your business. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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