Electric Signs Co.


Owning a small retail business in California is a big accomplishment, but is your business getting the attention it deserves? Electric Signs Co. has created signs for many locally and nationally owned retail businesses. Our team of professional experts provide peace of mind by helping design the sign, handling permits and paperwork, and installing it ourselves. We are also able to design and fabricate custom displays! When you leave the signage services up to Electric Signs Co., you are given more time to work on your business. If you’re a local business ready to get your name up in lights, we can help.

Electric Signs Co. has been providing business professionals with sign services for over 16 years. Running a retail business can be complicated! Our team is here to help to the best of our ability. No one wants to run an unnoticed business. We’ll work on getting your name seen by the public, while you work on doing what you do best.

We have experience with all different types of signs including box and cabinet, directional, awnings, and beyond. Our team is here to create whichever type of sign we feel is best for you. Our goal is to have you succeed. Whether you have an idea of what type of sign you would like us to manufacture for you or not, we are here for you every step of the way. Our design team has created business signage for many different retail businesses in the Pacific Northwest and is here to do the same for you.

If you are in the retail business and are looking for new signage for your business, don’t hesitate giving Electric Signs Co. a call today. We will work with you thought a free consultation to get a better understanding of what you are needing. From there, we let the sign process begin. We can’t wait to get your retail location noticed!

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