Electric Signs Co.

Multi-Tenant Signs

Multi-tenant signs will help to keep your tenants happy. Place multiple business signs into one location to be sure the passerby will know where to find you! This is a cost effective way to be sure your storefronts aren’t lost inside of a complex of multiple businesses. Multi-tenant signs are a one stop shop for sign communication.

Multi-tenant signs are large freestanding signs with multiple signage cabinets typically built for shopping centers, malls, office buildings or other developments which house a range of tenants requiring signage. We design, build, and install multi-tenant signs bringing to life and enhance the key design features of your development.

If you’re interested in a sign that features your tenant or need repair/replacement for your existing sign, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk about if a multi-tenant sign is the right fit for your business or shopping center.

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