Electric Signs Co.


Box and cabinet signs are designed with your needs in mind. Perfect for easy maintenance and clean installation, this sign is a hassle free way to approach your business’s needs. Electric Signs Co. can build this clean and organized brandin to keep your business complex easy to distinguish by any incoming client or customer.

Cabinet and box signs can be one or two sided. The one-sided option is typically placed on the storefront, while two sided cabinet signs are placed near the entrance of your store/building.

Use box signs to create vibrant, colorful displays which attract attention. These signs are ideal for presenting promotions, quick information, and branded messages. Box signs are a great choice for retail stores, shopping malls, museums, airports and hospitals. Get box signs at Electric Signs Co. to bring images and words together in exciting backlit displays.

This comfortable sign display will let any onlooker know your business is here to stay. Electric Signs Co. will help design, manufacture and install the perfect box sign for you!

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