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Land Use and Historic Reviews

Often, when a business is looking for signage in a historic area, you must go through the historic review process. When buildings and signs were first built, there was a much simpler process, hire someone to design your sign and let the installation process begin. In today’s world, the process has become a bit more complex. Cities work hard to preserve these areas. Prior to beginning the process of getting new signage for your business, we recommend talking to an expert about what permits you need to investigate. If your business is in a historic area, don’t hesitate to give Electric Signs Co. a call.

Electric Signs Co. has been serving Oregon and Washington for over 16 years. We have worked with many different types of businesses who are interested in building new signage in a historic area. It’s our goal to work as hard as we can to see success with your business. We take the time to write a multi-paged essay to the city. There is a benefit to preserving these historic areas, we would never want to harm these areas. We will evaluate the area you are looking to have your business signage and find a way to make it beneficial to the historic location. While there are flaws of building new buildings or signs in areas we are trying to preserve, there can also be benefits. The team at Electric Signs Co. understands how to make this happen.


Our team of professionals has the skills it takes to design a sign in such a way it will improve the land around it, historical or not. We have enough experience of working with city officials to do what is needed for your company. Depending on how sensitive your project is to nature, we find a way to get your business name noticed.


If you are currently looking for assistance with permits for your business signage, such as historic reviews or land use, Electric Signs Co. is here for you. You can give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page. Let’s get building!

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