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One of the more popular types of electrical signs offered by Electric Signs Co. is known as channel letters. What sets it apart from a basic box sign is each letter is individually formed and custom made for your unique needs. Each letter also houses the illumination materials inside. The ‘return’, or the siding of each letter, is what holds those illumination materials. The return also gives the sign a dimensional look making the sign stand out. Each unique letter can be custom painted to compliment your business or contrast with it to make it stand out even more.

The most common of the four types of channel letter signage is face lit, which illuminates from the front of the channel letters. Because each letter is individually formed, Electric Signs Co. can design and produce any number of color combinations and letter types. Face lit channel letters are bold, bright and easy to read from far distances. These signs emanate light for the face of each letter or logo. This is often used on storefronts, restaurants, schools and commercial buildings.

Reverse lit letters have no lighting coming from the letter themselves, but instead are lit from behind which creates a very distinct look. Best seen in the evenings, ‘halo’ channel lettering provides a great graphic effect for any business name or logo design. This type of channel letters create an extremely visually striking halo effect to your brand/logo. The letters are reversed and the light emanates backwards toward the wall. This is the perfect way to create a more elegant sign presentation.

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